DX100 (0.75KW - 315KW)




DX100 series is a universal open-loop vector inverter developed based on a new software and hardware platform. It has the characteristics of high performance, compact size, rich functions, convenient debugging, complete protection, and wide coverage of the power range of the model. It can be widely used in machine tool spindles, wood carving, glass edging, textile machinery, cable machinery and other automation equipment. 



  • The closed-loop vector mode has a steady speed accuracy of 0.02%, and a starting torque of 200% at zero speed)
  • With 8 one-to-one corresponding virtual output and input ports, complex engineering field applications can be easily realized without external        wiring)
  •  Easily realize multi-machine synchronous transmission and can freely choose to realize multi-machine linkage balance according to current, torque, and power
  •  Intuitive real-time monitoring, capable of real-time monitoring of nearly a hundred monitoring parameters such as power consumption, running time, input and output current and voltage, fault records, etc.
  • Users can freely select the priority order of various frequency/speed setting channels, suitable for combined applications in various occasions
  • Up to hundreds of combinations of frequency, speed, torque and other settings
  • 3 built-in timers, 5 kinds of clocks, 2 built-in counters, can solve all kinds of complex timing and counting needs
  • Excellent operating experience, the operating panel adopts ergonomic design to realize the functions of parameter locking, unlocking, parameter downloading, uploading, etc., and there are a variety of operating panel options to meet the needs of various customers




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