E280 (1.5kw~400kw)


key word: E280 series inverter.Relying on its superior costefficiency, E280 series general inverter is widely applied in the industry of machine tool, electricity, textile, transportation, transmission, paper, cable, metallurgy, etc. The series product has been developed to be model in high stability, reliability after on-site inspection of more than 700,000 inverters.


  • Compact yet reasonable structure reduces the volume of inverter 20%-30% times than the traditional general inverter; independent cooling duct and closed main loop design
  • Droop control function: automatically balance power of drive system of inverters on the same transmission chain. 
  • Adopts DC fan characterized by the large volume, high wind pressure, excellent cooling effect and stable performance
  • Particular self-adaptive control technology, allowing for automatic current and voltage limitation and under-voltage suppression during operation. 
  • Standard configuration of RS485 communication interface, optional MODBUS protocol and SUNFAR self-defined protocol; with linkage synchronous control function, allowing for easily communicating inverters with PLC, industrial personal computers and other industrial personal equipments.
  • Load auto-balancing function; when RS485 communication linkage control function is adopted, the master motor synchronously sends frequency and torque load commands to each slave motor, so as to achieve torque balancing of each variable frequency drive system.
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