E500 frequency converter


key word: E500 series frequency converter


E500 dedicated low power inverter for engraving machine is characterized by the excellent performance, delicate size and elegant appearance based on the latest low-power hardware platform. Besides, The product is specially optimized on account of engraving machine industry, as well as solidifies application parameters.


  • User-defined V/F curve and torque boost function, support powerful cutting capability when processing 
  • Output frequency up to 400Hz, support the requirement of high-speed processing 
  • Highly adaptive to grid voltage, and can stand for ±20% fluctuation. 
  • Particular self-adaptive control technology, allowing for automatic current and voltage limitation and undervoltage suppression during operation.
  • Configuration of RS485 communication interface, optional MODBUS protocol and SUNFAR self-defined protocol; with linkage synchronous control function, allowing for easily communicating inverters with PLC, industrial personal computers and other industrial personal equipments.
  • The panel supports hog plug, applicable for system integration for various applications. 
  • Vivid real-time monitoring, allowing for monitoring input and output current, voltage and so on in real time.
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E550 Series Manual V1.0
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